TRANSDOTT Final Report now available

The TRANSDOTT yearly Periodical Report and Final Report are now available under the report section: They give a full description of the project results to date.

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Videos – GO TUNA WORKSHOP 2015


Videos from the GO TUNA WORKSHOP 2015

You can find the videos from the TRANSDOTT – Final Meeting 2014 in the post below or here.

Introduction – Christopher Bridges

Welcome to GO TUNA – Shukry Na´amnieh

Maintenance and monitoring – Christopher Bridges

Induction  – Egg Production on Demand – Stephan Schulz

Egg Collection Transport  Malta 2015 – Jan Giebichenstein

Commercial Perspectives for Molecular Applications – Florian Borutta

2015 Season in Croatia – Neven Cinoti and Vice Katacic

Larval Rearing Successes and Pitfalls – Bill Koven

News from Nutreco-Skretting – Eamonn O´Brian

Moist Diets – Peter Hutchison and Jürgen Wigger

Results from IOLR NCM for Season 2015 – Bill Koven

Results for Season 2015 Turkey – Serkan  lgaz

RAS systems and future directions for Fin Fish Cultivation – Bent Urup


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Dear TRANSDOTT-partners,

you can find the links to all the presentations from the final meeting in Düsseldorf, Germany below as well as some pictures taken during the workshop.

Day 1:

Welcome to TRANSDOTT – Stefanie Niemann

Juvenile and young fish production of Pacific bluefin tuna, Thunnus orietalis in Kinki University, Japan – Keitaro Kato

Preparations and findings from southern bluefin tuna propagation research in 2014  Wayne Hutchinson

ABFT aquaculture in 2014 in IEO using Acartia as food – Aurelio Ortega

Domestication of the bluefin tuna, DOTT, Past and Future – Hillel Gordin

TRANSDOTT Goals: Description of the outset of the projects – Christopher Bridges

Blue-Fin Tuna: Broodstock Management, EGG Collection and Distribution – Robert Vassallo-Agius

 Malta BFT larval rearing 2014 & review of previous seasons – Angus Sharman

Improving the protocol in Bluefin Tuna larval rearing: The effect of DHA, taurine and salinity – Bill Koven

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna: Larval Rearing in Ardag – Summary – Koby Tarrab

Day 2:

Tuna production fingerlings: The Futuna Blue España experience – Patricio Javier Urrutia Rodríguez and Isacio Sánchez

Anomalies in Atlantic bluefin tuna reared in captivity in several Mediterranean farms – Aldo Corriero

Ocean Acidification Effects on Bluefin Tuna larvae – Jan Giebichenstein

Role of foreign larval species and their identification for tuna propagation – Andrea Wirtz

 Rearing Tuna Eggs in RASystems – Carissima Mohr

Some impressions from the meeting:

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„Tuna  Aquaculture -Future Strategies for Sustainability,
Propagation and Restocking
 International Stakeholder  Workshop and Forum
15th and 16th Sept, 2014
Only registered participants will be allowed to attend the meeting
(registration is  free)
NAME BADGE INFORMATION: (As you want your name badge to read – No titles, please)
First Name                                                 SURNAME (FAMILY NAME)
Company or Institution 
City                                                                                               Country                             
City                                                  Postal Code                                    Country  
Phone                             Fax                          Title: (circle one)  Dr. □  Mr.□  Ms.□   Mrs.□ Prof. □
I wish to speak  in  Workshop 1 –   Tuna Sustainability Strategies       Yes□ No □
Presentation working  Title:
I wish to speak  in  Workshop 2 –   Tuna Propagation Strategies       Yes□ No □
Presentation working  Title:
I wish to speak  in  Workshop 3 –   Tuna Restocking Strategies       Yes□ No □
Presentation working  Title:
I wish to attend the Forum  Monday evening 15th Septemberr, 20:00 pm               Yes     No □
I wish to take part in the exkursion  Salmon   Hatchery on the 17th Sept.               Yes     No □
I wish to take part in a longer  exkursion   to the North of Germany  (two days, RAS Systems).           Yes     No □
Please return completed registration forms BEFORE 20th August   to:
Professor Chris Bridges, Institute for Metabolic Physiology. Heinrich Heine University , Düsseldorf, Germany.
Telephone and Fax  00492118114991 Mobile +491739531905 Email:
and send via Email
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TRANSDOTT Egg collection successfully completed

TRANSDOTT  Spawning Season Ends with Collection of over 40 million Eggs

A highly successful  spawning season for the captive Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Broodstock of the TRANSDOTT project has just been completed. The Team consisting of  the Malta Aquacuture Research Centre, Malta Fish Farming, IOLR/NCM and Univ. Düsseldorf have collected over 40 million eggs over a period of 4 weeks. Now the hatcheries based at Futuna Blue, ARDAG, IOLR , GMA are concentrating on Larval rearing.

TRANSDOTT group at the Malta Aquatic Research Centre Fort San Lucjan, Marsaxlokk


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Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Spawning Seasons Starts with a Bang

The TRANSDOTT broodstock in Malta under the care of Malta Fish Farming has already started to produce eggs in significant quantities. Starting on the 8th June until the 24th June  over 15,7 million eggs have already  been collected.

The TRANSDOTT partners in Israel IOLR and ARDAG have all received their first and sometimes their second shipment as with Futuna Blue in Spain. The hatchery belonging to the  Malta Aquaculture Centre and Malta Fish Farming have also been stocked with eggs. Larval rearing results so far have been positive  and 14 DPH larvae are still surviving.

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Bluefin Tuna Survival may also be threatened by Ocean Acidification

In  a pilot study carried out by TRANSDOTT scientists in Malta Aquaculture  Research Centre  Bluefin Tuna eggs and larvae from captive broodstock were exposed to the simulated Oceans of  the Future (1200 ppm CO2). The first results indicated a lower hatching rate and a 10 -15% decrease in survival rate compared to control tanks with  present day CO2 levels of 390 ppm. A more in depth study is planned this year in parallel to the Tuna propagation work with other TRANSDOTT partners.





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World Tuna Day May 2 2014

WORLD TUNA DAY 2014 – GOOD NEWS for Atlantic Bluefin Tuna:

The EU 7th Framework Research Project TRANSDOTT has   just received an extension for a third spawning season to cover this seasons work with its European partners:

The project which was due to end in March 2014 has received a six month extension  to enable European researchers to optimally use their extended Broodstock, now up to  50 fish with weights exceeding  120kg. These fish should be capable of delivering up to 100 million eggs  this season. The research groups based in Malta, Israel, Spain, Norway and Germany will again pool their resources to try and deliver  large quantities of Tuna fingerlings (35g+) to commercial sea cages in the Mediterranean for “growing out”. Last season’s supply only survived in Spain until December when  cold weather prohibited further growth. Similar experiments  from the IEO group in Spain, part of the  previous SELFDOTT consortia still have survivors from 2011, 2012 and 2013. In a growing international effort to protect Tuna resources   sustainable Tuna aquaculture is a key technology developing in Europe which can relieve the pressure on wild-stocks and provide closed circle aquaculture of this  valuable natural resource.  European and  International scientist are striving to conserve an important “Top Predator” using different strategies for conservation and propagation. TRANSDOTT has a role to play in transferring this technology  to applications in the  Paciifc and Indian Ocean as  done  by our Japanese colleagues.

Tuna larvae 12 DPH

17 DPH

Day 85, 18 cm, 85 gr



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Annual Coordination Meeting Jerez Spain 25th -26th Feb 2014

Annual Coordination Meeting  2014: “TUNA  PROPAGATION –Work In Progress ”

El Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz, Spain  25-26th Feb.2014:

Morning Session 09:00 Welcome :

TRANSDOTT (Co-ordinator Chris Bridges UDUS) and Futuna Blue ( Patricio Urrutia FB)

09: 20   IEO Report-  Post  SELFDOTT : Aurelio Ortega and Fernando de la Gándara

10:00  Caladeros  Group Report/Plans Javier Viguri

10:30  Akua-Group Report/Plans Cenk Yurtdas, +

 11:15 Coffee Break

11:45  Kali Tuna Group- Statement Neven Cinoti and Vice Katacic

12:00   TUNATECHS Report/Plans Florian Borutta Stephan Schulz

12:30 “Organogenesis of digestive system , visual system and other structure in Atlantic bluefin larvae reared with copepods in mesocosm”. Manuel Yufera  ICMAN-CSIC research center

13:30 Working  Lunch

Afternoon  Session TRANSDOTT PARTNERS  General Yearly Reports

15:00   Heinrich Heine Univ (UDUS) Chris Bridges

15:30    Malta Aquaculture Researech Centre MRRA/MAR + Malta Fish Farming (MFF) Robert Vassalo  & Angus Sharmann

16:30 Coffee

17:00 IOLR/NCM Bill Koven

17:30. ARDAG Koby Tarrab (ARDAG)

18:00. FUTUNA BLUE Isacio Siguero

18:30 Skretting Karl Sveinsvoll

Working Dinner 21:00



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Meeting Eilat

Intro Meeting report

Meeting Eilat Programme and Abstracts


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