World Tuna Day May 2 2014

WORLD TUNA DAY 2014 – GOOD NEWS for Atlantic Bluefin Tuna:

The EU 7th Framework Research Project TRANSDOTT has   just received an extension for a third spawning season to cover this seasons work with its European partners:

The project which was due to end in March 2014 has received a six month extension  to enable European researchers to optimally use their extended Broodstock, now up to  50 fish with weights exceeding  120kg. These fish should be capable of delivering up to 100 million eggs  this season. The research groups based in Malta, Israel, Spain, Norway and Germany will again pool their resources to try and deliver  large quantities of Tuna fingerlings (35g+) to commercial sea cages in the Mediterranean for “growing out”. Last season’s supply only survived in Spain until December when  cold weather prohibited further growth. Similar experiments  from the IEO group in Spain, part of the  previous SELFDOTT consortia still have survivors from 2011, 2012 and 2013. In a growing international effort to protect Tuna resources   sustainable Tuna aquaculture is a key technology developing in Europe which can relieve the pressure on wild-stocks and provide closed circle aquaculture of this  valuable natural resource.  European and  International scientist are striving to conserve an important “Top Predator” using different strategies for conservation and propagation. TRANSDOTT has a role to play in transferring this technology  to applications in the  Paciifc and Indian Ocean as  done  by our Japanese colleagues.

Tuna larvae 12 DPH

17 DPH

Day 85, 18 cm, 85 gr



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