Dear TRANSDOTT-partners,

you can find the links to all the presentations from the final meeting in Düsseldorf, Germany below as well as some pictures taken during the workshop.

Day 1:

Welcome to TRANSDOTT – Stefanie Niemann

Juvenile and young fish production of Pacific bluefin tuna, Thunnus orietalis in Kinki University, Japan – Keitaro Kato

Preparations and findings from southern bluefin tuna propagation research in 2014  Wayne Hutchinson

ABFT aquaculture in 2014 in IEO using Acartia as food – Aurelio Ortega

Domestication of the bluefin tuna, DOTT, Past and Future – Hillel Gordin

TRANSDOTT Goals: Description of the outset of the projects – Christopher Bridges

Blue-Fin Tuna: Broodstock Management, EGG Collection and Distribution – Robert Vassallo-Agius

 Malta BFT larval rearing 2014 & review of previous seasons – Angus Sharman

Improving the protocol in Bluefin Tuna larval rearing: The effect of DHA, taurine and salinity – Bill Koven

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna: Larval Rearing in Ardag – Summary – Koby Tarrab

Day 2:

Tuna production fingerlings: The Futuna Blue España experience – Patricio Javier Urrutia Rodríguez and Isacio Sánchez

Anomalies in Atlantic bluefin tuna reared in captivity in several Mediterranean farms – Aldo Corriero

Ocean Acidification Effects on Bluefin Tuna larvae – Jan Giebichenstein

Role of foreign larval species and their identification for tuna propagation – Andrea Wirtz

 Rearing Tuna Eggs in RASystems – Carissima Mohr

Some impressions from the meeting:

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