Videos – GO TUNA WORKSHOP 2015


Videos from the GO TUNA WORKSHOP 2015

You can find the videos from the TRANSDOTT – Final Meeting 2014 in the post below or here.

Introduction – Christopher Bridges

Welcome to GO TUNA – Shukry Na´amnieh

Maintenance and monitoring – Christopher Bridges

Induction  – Egg Production on Demand – Stephan Schulz

Egg Collection Transport  Malta 2015 – Jan Giebichenstein

Commercial Perspectives for Molecular Applications – Florian Borutta

2015 Season in Croatia – Neven Cinoti and Vice Katacic

Larval Rearing Successes and Pitfalls – Bill Koven

News from Nutreco-Skretting – Eamonn O´Brian

Moist Diets – Peter Hutchison and Jürgen Wigger

Results from IOLR NCM for Season 2015 – Bill Koven

Results for Season 2015 Turkey – Serkan  lgaz

RAS systems and future directions for Fin Fish Cultivation – Bent Urup


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