About Us

The present project involving five commercial partners, Malta Fish Farming Ltd (Malta). Futuna Blue S.L. (Spain), ARDAG Red Sea Mariculture Ltd (Israel), Panittica Pugliese Società Agricola SPA(Italy) and Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre (Norway) have combined forces with the IOLR /National Centre of Mariculture in Eilat, Israel, The Malta Aquaculture Research Centre and the  Heinrich Heine Univ, Düsseldorf, Germany who will Coordinate the project. In 2011 great strides were made in SELFDOTT which ended in November 2011 with the successful breeding and rearing of juvenile  ABFT.  TRANSDOTT, based on a two year time frame  and a budget of over 1 million Euro,  will be using  eggs from  broodstock and production cage sources in Malta and Spaidn and from broodstocks in Croatia through a recently signed MOU with Kali Tuna (Umami). Eggs will be transported to 5 different hatcheries in Spain, Malta, Israel (2) and Italy.  For the first time a full commercial application of copepod diets will be assessed in Futuna Blue´s new facility in Spain and the successful dry diets for weaning and grow-out produced by Skretting ARC can be used to the full. Sustainable aquaculture of Atlantic Bluefin is at the threshold of becoming as successful as the Japanese (Kinki Univ.) industry for the Pacific Bluefin Tuna.